You may listen to or read the sermons for the past year here. To read the sermons, you will need Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat Reader is Free!).

Unless stated otherwise in the title, Senior Pastor Curt Preston provided the sermon.

05/31/2020 Spirit Led Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Acts 2:1-31
This Sunday we will celebrate the Holy Spirit moving in and among the followers of Jesus as we mark Pentecost. It’s an amazing story – people speaking in different languages, yet still somehow understanding each other. As we mark the celebration of the formation of the early church, it’s a good time to look around and ask ourselves how the Spirit is working in our lives now. How is the Spirit still shaping the church in these pandemic days? How can we be more Spirit led, sparking a deeper understanding of one another? Join us and wear red this Sunday for online worship, as Rev. Mollie preaches on how we live in the Spirit and continue to be the church.

05/24/2020 Grateful Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Ephesians 1:15-23
Over the past two months we have experienced a lot of ups and downs. Many things have been taken away from us. Many losses have been suffered. There is plenty of reason to be despondent. This was no less true for Paul when he was writing his letter to the church in Ephesus. His start-up church had a lot of issues to work through. They were all brand new at being Christians and so there was a lot of “learning as you go.” Sound familiar? And yet Paul writes about gratitude, and hope, and being the body of Christ together. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Mollie preaches about how our losses are also gains and how even in times such as this, there is much for which we can be grateful.

05/17/2020 Closer Than We Think

Acts 17:22-31
A long time ago Paul stood at the center of Athens and tried to convince the people there that the God they should be worshiping was the God he had come to know through Jesus Christ. He wasn’t saying what they were doing was wrong, so much as it was incomplete. They already had an altar to “An Unknown God.” Paul’s thought was, “why worship a God you don’t know when you could worship a God of real relationship?” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on how the God we know through Christ is a God of intimacy, personal relationship, and is closer to us that we know.

05/10/2020 We Can Do This Hard Thing Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

John 14:1-14
This week in worship, we will hear from the Gospel of John, from part of Jesus’ farewell discourse. Even though we’re in the middle of the celebration of Eastertide, we hear words from Jesus before his death and resurrection, preparing and comforting the disciples before everything changes. As our world continues to change in the midst of the pandemic, Jesus’ words offer us assurance, that even though times are hard (and may get harder yet), God’s love and very presence are with us and will sustain us. Join us this week in worship as Rev. Mollie preaches, and we are reminded that relationships and God’s love continue, even as everything changes.

05/03/2020 What’s Old is New Again

Acts 2:42-47
This Sunday we’ll again gather for worship online and again take communion with one another. Communion is as old as Christianity itself. Worshiping at home is how Christianity is got started. While it may feel new to us, we are actually participating in a very old way of being Christian. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on house churches, lay led worship, and how everything old is new again.

04/26/2020 Unrecognizable

Luke 24:13-32
In our scripture for this week it is still Easter morning and news of Jesus’ resurrection is trickling out. Two men are walking along the road talking about all that has taken place and they are still trying to make sense of it. When they encounter Jesus, they don’t recognize him. Eventually they invite him in to have supper with them and only when Jesus breaks bread with them do they actually see who he is. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on what keeps us from seeing what is right in front of us and how we too fail to recognize the risen Christ in our midst.

04/19/2020 A Changed Easter People Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

John 20:19-31
Happy Easter! As we continue to celebrate resurrection anyway, we come to the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples after his death and resurrection two different times. Themes of fear and confusion, grief and sorrow continue, reminding us that resurrection joy does not stamp out all doubt and fear and pain, but has the power to transform it – and us. So how do we let the Easter story change us into people of hope? And how might this be in conjunction with how we are letting this time change us? Join us for virtual worship this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on the season of Eastertide, and the hope and change it offers us – doubters and believers and all.

04/12/2020 Shaking the Foundations

Matthew 28:1-10
Easter is the highpoint of the Christian Year. It is typically celebrated with full churches, brazen brass, booming organ, and putting on our Sunday best. But is that what makes Easter feel like Easter? Is there a quieter, subtler version that is less “extroverted” and more “introverted?” What would Easter look like if it were stripped to it’s barest essentials? Join us this Sunday at 10:15 as Pastor Curt preaches on how the first Easter began with fear and uncertainty but didn’t end there, and how we are being called to go back to the basics this year.

04/05/2020 Ride On! Ride On!

Matthew 21:1-11
This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the annual celebration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It is also the day that marks the beginning of Holy Week. Even as he rides towards Jerusalem, Jesus knows it’s going to get worse before it gets better. He knows that his arrival will be like stirring up a hornets’ nest and then standing firmly in the middle of it. Yet without fear he rides on. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on what it means to have clarity of call and purpose and standing firm, in spite of difficulty, challenge, and opposition.

03/29/2020 Finding Wholeness in Breath and Body

Ezekiel 37:1-12
This Sunday our scripture comes from the Prophet Ezekiel. He has been led by God out to a valley full of dry bones. God ask’s Ezekiel a question: “Mortal, can these bones live?” And Ezekiel’s response is somewhat surprising. He doesn’t say, “No way!” and he doesn’t say, “Absolutely!” Instead Ezekiel responds, “O Lord God, you know.” Ezekiel knows what he doesn’t know and he knows enough to put his trust and faith in God. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on admitting what we don’t know and how it prepares us for the new thing that God is doing.

03/22/2020 Finding Wholeness in Community

Mark 2:1-12
This week we continue our Lenten Journey “Toward Wholeness” from the perspective of Wholeness in Community. It is a timely theme as we experience the realities of social distancing and quarantines. How do we maintain meaningful connections in a time of distance and isolation? How does our faith provide comfort and assurance when the world seems to be in chaos? Join us this week as Pastor Curt preaches on how friendship, family, and community are at the center of our faith and discipleship, especially in times such as these.

03/15/2020 Seen and Known Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

John 4:5-42
One of the paradoxes we live in is this: we all want to be seen and known for our true selves, yet we are hesitant for others to know all of us, including our mistakes, doubts, blunders, and poor choices. This week, we hear the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman’s encounter at the well. Jesus sees her for all she is, success and shortcomings, all she represents – different gender and social group, and loves her still. As we continue our Lenten journey toward wholeness, join us in worship this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on the joy and struggle of being fully seen and known – and still loved.

03/08/2020 Being Born Again, Again

John 3:1-17
Progressive Christians tend not to like to talk about “being born again.” We tend to think of it as something that “other” kinds of Christians care about, but not us. But is it possible we’ve thrown the baby out with the baptismal water? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on a Progressive Christian understanding of being born again and how we can reclaim this concept and find healing and wholeness in the process.

03/01/2020 Finding Wholeness: Revisiting the Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7
Progressive Christians tend not to like to talk about “being born again.” We tend to think of it as something that “other” kinds of Christians care about, but not us. But is it possible we’ve thrown the baby out with the baptismal water? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on a Progressive Christian understanding of being born again and how we can reclaim this concept and find healing and wholeness in the process.

02/23/2020 Care For Creation Sunday Guest Speaker Rev. Peter Sawtell

2 Corinthians 5:16-21
As people living in this world, we know “Everything is connected.” Sometimes we need reminders of our connectedness so we can live and think more ecologically, with all of creation in mind, not just humanity. Join for a special Care for Creation themed worship service this Sunday as Rev. Peter Sawtell brings us a much-needed word of connectedness and reconciliation through an eco-theology lens.

02/16/2020 Credit Where Credit is Due

1 Corinthians 3:1-9
In Sunday’s reading from I Corinthians, Paul tells the people that they are still behaving like children and clearly not mature enough to be good ambassadors for the Gospel. He mentions jealousy, quarreling, and infighting among the members of the early church. At the center of the problem is the question of who gets credit for the good work the church is doing. Paul’s answer is God and God alone. While we each have a part to play—some plant and some water—at the end of the day, it is God who gives the growth. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Church preaches on giving credit where credit is due and how we can all benefit from a deeper reflection on our role in the unfolding of God’s kingdom among us.
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02/09/2020 Spice and Shine Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Matthew 5:13-20
In this week’s Gospel reading, Jesus reminds us “You are the salt of the earth! You are the light of the world! Let your light shine!” But sometimes, when we feel small and insignificant, or when we feel overwhelmed and disheartened, trusting our God-given worth is difficult. How can our small piece of what we have to offer help bring the Realm of God more fully to earth? Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on letting ourselves shine for the Glory of God and the transformation of the world.  *Thanks to The Salt Project for this week’s sermon title: Spice and Shine.

02/02/2020 You are Blessed

Matthew 5:1-12
Jesus has a strange way of looking at the world. He says that we are blessed when we mourn. He says we are blessed when we are persecuted. He says that we are blessed when people say terrible things about us because of what we believe. If those are “blessings” what does it feel like when we are cursed? But maybe being blessed isn’t the same as feeling happy, or fortunate, or like we’re on top of the world. Maybe being blessed is something that happens despite how we “feel.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on how God’s blessing creeps into the difficult and challenging places in our lives, and how even when things aren’t going our way, we can still count our blessings.
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01/26/2020 Walk This Way – Together Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Matthew 4:12-23
In this week’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew, we hear the call story of Peter, Andrew, James, and John, who respond to Jesus’s simple invitation to follow him and to immediately do so. We, too, are invited to follow Jesus and are invited to participate in God’s realm that is here and draws near. What barriers do we put up to participation, ours and others? What does the invitation to follow Jesus and participate in God’s work look like in our lives today? On this congregational meeting day, join your faith community in worship as Rev. Mollie preaches on walking together, and the transformation that can happen when we participate wholeheartedly.
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 01/19/2020 Patient Urgency

Psalm 40:1-11
All of us have been in a difficult place at some time in our lives. All of us have felt alone, afraid, and upset. Where is God in these moments? How do we find the strength and courage to keep going? How do we confront the injustices of our lives and the wider world? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on finding the balance between urgency needed to make change and the patience it takes to make lasting change.

 01/12/2020 Made Worthy

Matthew 3:1-6, 13-17
When Jesus came to his cousin John to be baptized, John said, “No way! I’m not worthy!” But Jesus wouldn’t take no for an answer. In fact, Jesus reminds John that it is God who names our worth, not ourselves, and not other people. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on Jesus’s baptism and how we are all seen as worthy from God’s perspective.
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01/05/2020 Guided By Starlight

Matthew 2:1-12
There was a time when people were guided by the stars in the sky. They knew where they were and where they were going in relation to the constellations above them. As a church, we are preparing to launch out on a new journey together as we imagine our future. What directions will we go to? How will the spirit lead us? Who shall set the trajectory of our travels? Join us on Epiphany Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the Wise Ones from the East coming to see baby Jesus and how we too can be guided by starlight.
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12/24/2019 The Simplest of Gifts

First Lesson: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
Second Lesson: Luke 2:1-7
Third Lesson: Luke 2:8-20
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12/22/2019 Fierce Love

Matthew 1:18-25
Christmas is almost here! This Sunday we celebrate the fourth and final Sunday in the season of Advent: Love. Love can sometimes seem like a warm, fuzzy, and squishy word, but what happens when love is fierce? What does it look like when love is embodied and enfleshed? What kind of love leads us to make meaningful connections across boundaries and divides? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the fierce and embodied love of God we meet in the story of Joseph and Mary learning they are going to have a baby that will change the world.
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12/15/2019 A Song of Joy Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Luke 1:39-55
This Sunday marks the third Sunday in Advent; Joy Sunday. There is great beauty in the season, but also great need, leading at times for us to wonder how we can feel joy. While culture says cheer, we can be overwhelmed with the drive of consumerism, the frenzy of a full calendar, and grief. Not to mention the continued wars and unrest, dehumanization of immigrants and people of color, and the cold truth that many in our communities do not have enough food to fill their bellies or a place to call home. In the midst of all this, where does joy have a place? Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on Mary and her song of joy as resistance and the humanizing connection of joy.
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12/08/2019 Peace Beyond the Binary

Isaiah 11:1-10
Here in the second week in the season of Advent, we turn our attention to God’s gift of peace. We tend to think of peace as the absence of conflict or the presence of calm. However, the biblical understanding of peace is much richer and deeper. The Hebrew word, “Shalom” (often translated as “Peace,”) means wholeness, unity, and reconciliation. How does this broader understanding of peace change our understandings of concepts we think of as opposites: light and dark, good and evil, male, and female? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on finding peace in moving beyond the binary to a more holistic understanding of ourselves and our world.
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12/01/2019 The Simplest of Gifts: Hope

Isaiah 2:2-5
Advent is the season of the church year where we prepare ourselves to receive the gifts of the Christ Child yet again. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, our American culture insists we do more, go faster, and fill our shopping carts and calendars. Advent, in stark contrast, is a time of waiting, of slowing down, and of seeking out the simple gifts God provides. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the gift of hope and how Advent just might be exactly what we need right now.

11/24/2019 A Seat at the Table Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Philippians 4:4-9
We give thanks in many ways: speaking the words out loud to cashiers, children, those that hold the door for us. We write thank-you notes or emails or texts. We say or sing grace before meals. Focusing on gratitude is also a spiritual practice, which frames the workings of God in our lives. Culturally, we will soon sit down to a feast meal of thanksgiving, offering us pause to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. This Sunday we will gather in worship for all ages, worshipping God and giving thanks to the Holy One, through intergenerational worship and the lens of a feast at a wide and welcoming table.
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11/17/2019 The Impossible Will Take a Little While

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
This Sunday’s sermon title is, “The Impossible Will Take a Little While,” which is shamelessly stolen from a collection of poems and essays of the same title edited by Paul Rogat Loeb. The book a brilliant reminder that the work we are about as Christians does not happen overnight. In fact, a lot of the work we are called to do as Christians unfolds over generations and centuries. It can be both disheartening and comforting to remember that we are in this for the long haul. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on what it means to take the long view and how we can keep up our hope in the meantime.
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11/10/2019 For A Time Such As This

Isaiah 43:14-21
It’s easy to get discouraged. Even a cursory glance at the news carries stories of all that isn’t going well in the world. Division and disagreement feel like the norm. Many of us are overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the problems we face. Enter Isaiah. God’s prophet speaking to a people who are lost, confused, and overwhelmed. “Do not remember the former things,” Isaiah says. “I am about to do a new thing . . . do you not perceive it?” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on water in the desert, God’s new thing, and how we were made for times such as these. We’ll be concluding our Stewardship Campaign, dedicating our pledge cards and other gifts, and gathering after worship for a free celebratory lunch. You don’t want to miss this Sunday!
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 11/03/2019 To the Church of the Lakewoodians Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12
This week we celebrate a baptism, communion, and our second Sunday of Stewardship. We’ll be hearing part of Paul’s letter to the church of the Thessalonians, giving thanks for the church there and affirming their growing faith and love for one another. We know growing in faith and love for one another isn’t always easy, but when we can do it, God’s Spirit bursts forth in beautiful, unexpected ways. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on the opportunity that new faces and gifts bring a community, from babies to octogenarians.
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10/27/2019 New Dreams

Genesis 28:10-22
Our scriptures are full of stories of people getting messages from God through visions and dreams. Does God still speak to us through our dreaming? Here at Lakewood UCC we are doing some collective dreaming of our own. Where is God calling us to new ministries? What ministries need tweaking or possibly even retiring? This Sunday begins a three week season of Stewardship where we focus on what gifts and blessings we’ve received and how they can be used to further the mission and ministry of Lakewood UCC. Join us as Pastor Curt preaches on Jacob’s dream at Bethel and our dreams for the new things God is doing in our midst.
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10/20/2019 A Living Word

2 Timothy 3:14-4:5
The Bible is a fascinating and challenging collection of writings. It’s been used to condemn and to liberate, to open conversations and end arguments, to inspire new paths and to hold people in their places. Progressive Christians often have an uneasy relationship with our sacred texts. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on what we mean when we say that the Bible contains “the Word of God” and how God is indeed, still speaking.
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10/13/2019 What Are You Waiting For?

Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7
A long time ago, God’s people were living in exile far away from what they considered their home. They were facing new customs and new norms. Everything around them seemed strange and joy was hard to come by. Enter the prophet Jeremiah and his word from God that the people should not wait for home before they start living again. “Plant gardens,” he says. “Get married. Enjoy your family. Don’t wait. Now is the time for living.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on our current experiences of exile and how God calls us to enjoy life now, even when so much around us seems strange and unfamiliar.
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10/06/2019 Children of God Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

2 Timothy 1:1-14
A service for all ages! Join us in worship on Sunday, October 6 for an All Ages worship service as we celebrate communion with our siblings in Christ around the world. This Intergenerational service will invite us to reflect on our shared humanity as children of God, and challenge us to care for each other, and especially the children. Nursery care available, no Sunday morning Faith Formation, as the worship service will be designed for all ages.

09/29/2019 Reflections from the Border

Isaiah 56:1-8
Our scripture this week comes from the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah, as a mouthpiece of God, demands justice of God’s people. He reminds the people that old categories that have brought about separation are no longer necessary. He says that God’s house shall be a house of prayer for all people. No exceptions. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt reflects on his trip to the US-Mexico border and what we can do to help God’s people struggling on both sides of the border.
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 09/22/2019 Using It All For Good  Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Luke 16:1-13
Parables, with their layers of meaning, are meant to be explored all life long. Some parables are a little easier to understand than others. This week, we’ll unpeel a lesser-known parable, one that is a bit confusing on the first read. Together, we’ll unpack the parable of the crooked manager, and try to digest the nuggets of truth that still speak to us in this day. Join us in worship this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches and we explore what it means to serve God in varied life circumstances.
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 09/15/2019 Lost and Found

Luke 15:1-10
This Sunday we get the familiar parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. Both parables are told to remind us of the extraordinary lengths God will go to welcome us home when we get lost or wander off. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on being lost, being found, and how God’s grace can bring us home.
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09/08/2019 Being Remade

Jeremiah 18:1-8
As a kid, I remember getting a lot of “do-overs.” If we had to stop our kickball game because a dog ran on the field, no problem, let’s have a do-over.  If I totally messed up a math test, no problem, you can have a do-over. If I hurt a friend with something I said, apologize and move on. No problem, it’s a do-over. As adults, it feels like we get a lot fewer do-overs. Our mistakes and problems seem to have a lot more sticking power than they did when we were younger. But the good news is God loves to give do-overs. In fact, sometimes even God needs a do-over. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on God as the great Potter and our opportunities to be remade.
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 09/01/2019 A Seat at the Table

Luke 14:1, 7-14
Anyone who has planned a big party knows that it gets complicated quickly. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a birthday, or anniversary, choosing who is on the guest list is difficult. If I invite Sam I guess I have to invite Tory. Can I invite both Chris and Pat even though they are divorced? It may surprise us to learn that Jesus has some advice on how to set the guest list no matter the occasion. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches about honor, hospitality, and approaching life as if it were an open house.
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08/25/2019 Shaped For This  Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Jeremiah 1:4-10
This week we hear the call story of the prophet Jeremiah. Like Jeremiah, we can all come up with reasons why we are not the ideal person to do God’s work – too young, too old, too overwhelmed, wrong gender, wrong sexual orientation, wrong ability. But God reminds Jeremiah, and us all, that we are just the right ones for the work of love and liberation, because God has formed us, and God is with us in the work. Join us this Sunday as we worship outside at Prospect Park, with Rev. Mollie preaching, and as we are reminded that we are formed by God for a time such as this.

08/18/2019 The Great Relay Race

Hebrews 12:1-3
Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “It’s a marathon – not a sprint.” But what if it’s actually a relay race? How do we receive gifts from those who have come before us in faith and how do we pass them to the next generation? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the great cloud of witnesses and passing the baton of faith.

 08/11/2019 Daring To Believe

Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-12
“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen,” the author of the book of Hebrews tells us. But where does faith come from? Does God gift it to us like a warm fuzzy sweater? Do we earn it through conquering life’s challenges? Does it grow from seeds that our parents planted within us? Do we find it like a perfect sand dollar on the beach? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the roots and shoots of faith.

08/04/2019 Rich In God  Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Luke 12:13-21
We know we can’t take our possessions with us after life and we know it is good to be a cheerful giver here and now. But the reality is, when it comes to money, it is a daily struggle not to be controlled by money and possessions. In the Gospel of Luke this week, Jesus tells a parable that invites us to center ourselves in God and the richness that can come from that. Join us in worship this week as Rev. Mollie preaches on being rich in God.

 07/28/2019 Teach Us To Pray

Luke 11:1-13
How did you learn how to pray? Did someone teach you? Did you memorize certain prayers? Did you discover prayer on your own? Jesus’s followers asked him to teach them how to pray. It seems that they either didn’t know how or thought there was a “right” way to pray. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the gift of prayer and how we sometimes make it more complicated than it needs to be.

 07/21/2019 The Main Course

Luke 10:37-42
In this week’s reading, we meet Mary and Martha. These two sisters receive and welcome Jesus into their home. But while Mary is fawning over Jesus’s every word, Martha is left in the kitchen to do all of the work. She asks Jesus to ask Mary to help her. Jesus’s response may surprise you. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on Mary and Martha and finding a balance between work and wonder.
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 07/14/2019 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Luke 10:25-37
A recent Pew Research study finds that only 43% of white mainline Protestants believe that the US has a responsibility to accept refugees into the country. Yet our scriptures are full of statements about how we are to treat foreigners and people in need. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan and how we are called to be neighbors to anyone who has a need.
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06/30/2019 Taize Service

No sermon!

06/23/2019 Sound of Silence  Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

1 Kings 19:1-15a
The sounds of summer are in full swing – barbecues, splashing in pools and lakes, kids running around the neighborhoods, crackling of campfires. In the midst of the start of summer, we hear the story of Elijah seeking God’s presence on a mountainside. Elijah, who has experienced God in big and loud ways, now hears God in an unexpected way- in the sound of silence. How do we make space to hear God in obvious and unexpected ways? Join us as Rev. Mollie preaches on the sounds of silence and the substance we find in the pause.

06/16/19 Wisdom Calls

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
In this week’s reading from Proverbs, we hear a new voice—Woman Wisdom! She stakes her claim at the busiest intersection in town and shouts to the passers-by how she was present with God before creation began. What might Woman Wisdom have to say to us? What might she implore us to shout at the busiest intersections in town? Join us as Pastor Curt preaches on bold proclamation and how participating in PrideFest is a critical part of our witness to God’s unconditional love.

06/09/2019 Democratization of the Spirit  Dr. Paul Michalec

Acts 2:14, 14-18
Pentecost is more than a fiery dove descending on the heads of the Apostles and imparting the ability to speak in tongues. Pentecost is alive for us today in Lakewood UCC in the ways that invite us to act on God’s Spirit of Divine Love. We recognize that the Holy Spirit is accessible to everyone on our community. We act on that Spirit as the hands, head, and feet of God in the world.  But what expectations do we have for resolving the problems and challenges we face? Come join us this Sunday as guest preacher Dr. Paul Michalec preaches on a modern interpretation of Pentecost as a gift given to all, a call to action, and the challenge of accepting the truth that our actions may not change the world in our lifetime.

06/02/2019 That They May All Be One

John 17:20-26
This Sunday is a big day in the life of our church. We’ll have a baptism and also will receive communion. Plus, we have a congregational meeting following church. In John’s gospel, Jesus prays for his disciples “that they may all be one.” Not only is he talking about those disciples, but ALL of Jesus’ disciples, including us. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on sacraments, unity in the midst of diversity, and what oneness in Christ means to us.

05/26/2019 Faith is the Journey

Acts 16:9-15
This week we hear the story of the baptism of Lydia. At this point in the book of Acts, we have seen the Good News of Jesus spreading like wildfire. An Ethiopian eunuch, a persecutor of Christians, and a Roman soldier have all entered into a life of following Jesus. Now we learn that a wealthy woman in southern Greece is also a part of the movement. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the wideness and wildness of God’s welcome and how good news won’t stay put for long.

05/19/2019 A Day of New Beginnings

Matthew 19:13-15
This Sunday is Confirmation Sunday. Three of our youth who have spent all year doing a deep dive into Christianity have decided to affirm their faith and become members of Lakewood UCC. It will be a joyous and celebratory day. Join us on Sunday and get a glimpse of the very present future of our church.
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05/12/2019 So I Guess We’re Sheep?

Psalm 23
The 23rd Psalm is one of the most well known and beloved texts in all of the Bible. Even folks who haven’t opened a Bible or darkened the doors of a church for decades can recite it by heart. Why are these six verses so widely embraced? What about the metaphor of God as a shepherd speaks to us and brings us comfort? In a culture that values independence above all else, why are we ok with being compared to sheep? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on sheep, shepherds, and God’s presence in the darkest valleys.

05/05/2019 When Lightning Strikes

Acts 9:1-9
What would it take to convince you to completely reorient your entire life? For the apostle Paul, it took a flash of light from heaven and the voice of Jesus speaking directly to him. While undoubtedly this was terrifying for him, at least he was left with no doubt about what he should do. Few of us get lightning bolt experiences. Few of us audibly hear the voice of Jesus telling us we’re doing it wrong. How, then, do we know if we are on the right track or the wrong one? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches lightning strikes, listening for God, and deepening our sense of call to serve God and our neighbors.
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04/28/2019 Are We There Yet?

John 20:19-31
On the evening of the first Easter, you would think the disciples would be celebrating. After all, the tomb was empty, angels had spoken, and some had even seen the risen Christ. Instead, the disciples were hiding in a locked room fearing for their lives. And then, Jesus shows up and that’s when things get really interesting. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the many ways we come to faith and how living as Easter people isn’t as easy as it sounds.
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04/21/2019 Just Before the Dawn

John 20:1-18
Easter is the pinnacle of the year for Christians throughout the world as we celebrate the good news of Christ’s resurrection and what it means for us to be a resurrection people. This year we hear the story of Easter from the gospel of John where Mary encounters the risen Christ and thinks he is the gardener. How could she not recognize him? Join us this Sunday for a wonderful Easter worship and a sermon about how we sometimes blind ourselves to good news because we let our expectations get in the way.
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04/14/2019 Almost, Not Quite

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29; Luke 19:28-40
Palm Sunday is the joyous celebration of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The people were so excited to see him that they threw their cloaks before him and waved branches as he passed. And it was a very good day. But it also was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very hard week for Jesus and his disciples. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the twin peaks of Palm Sunday and Easter and the valley that lies between them.
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04/07/2019 Space for Grace

Romans 5:1-8
What would be different if we really believed that we were enough, exactly as we are? How would our lives and our world change if we weren’t constantly striving for something? We are bombarded by messages every day that we aren’t enough and don’t have enough. But the gospel tells us something different. The Good News is that we don’t have to be anything or do anything different for God to love us. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on making space for grace and how accepting our faults, sins, and imperfections can lead us to liberation and renewal.
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03/31/2019 Weathering the Storm  Rev. Tamara Boynton

Isiah 43:1-2, Luke 18:25-43
In 1981, Rabbi Harold Kushner wrote a book called When Bad Things Happen to Good People and it instantly made it to the New York Times Bestseller list because it rang so true for so many people. Bad things DO happen and they often seem to be so indiscriminate!  We’d so prefer it if the bad things could just happen to bad people, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. Rabbi Kushner did not set out to answer the “why” question – and we will not either on Sunday –  but we will spend some time in stormy weather together and reflect on where God shows up in midst of pounding rain and terrifying wind.

03/24/2019 Prodigal Confrontation  Rev. Jerry Eslinger

Luke 15:11-32
In the Parable of the Prodigal Son we get the story of two brothers. One selfishly asks for his inheritance early, goes out in the world, squanders what he was given and returns home begging for mercy. The other brother stays put, does what he’s supposed to, and serves his father well. Yet it’s the brother who squandered his gifts who gets the party and the dutiful brother gets nothing for his efforts. Let’s just say it’s an awkward reunion. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Jerry Eslinger preaches a new take on this familiar parable.

03/17/2019 The Eye of the Storm

Psalms 46:1-11
Psalm 46 says, “Be still, and know that I am God!” While it is short, this verse says a lot. It says, “God is God and we are not.” It says, “the world will keep spinning even if we take a break for a minute.” It says, “while we may know these two truths, we often don’t live like we believe them.” Lent is a time to slow down, to be intentional, and to reflect on our relationships with God, self, and neighbor. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on finding a quiet place in the midst of the tumult and how our spiritual practices can help us “do” less and “be” more.
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03/10/2019 Welcome to the Wilderness

Isaiah 43:16-21
We’ve all had experiences of feeling lost, confused, and out of sorts. Sometimes it feels like the world is out to get us specifically. Bad news is often followed by more bad news. Broadly we can call any or all of these experiences as “wilderness.” But wilderness isn’t always bad. Sometimes, in fact, wilderness is just what we need to realign our values and our priorities. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on what gifts can be found in the wilderness and how we might even be able to offer a welcome to the wilderness.
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03/03/2019 What’s Lent

Luke 4:1-13
Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting, praying, and facing temptation. This is the story is the root of our modern 40 day Lenten journey as we prepare for Easter. What is Lent? Why is it celebrated in the ways it is? What are some Lenten practices we can all participate in to get ourselves spiritually ready for Easter? Join us this Sunday for an intergenerational service all about Lent.
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02/24/2019 Expecting Nothing in Return  Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Luke 6:27-38
Jesus is back at it again, calling us to the seemingly impossible, of loving our enemies and not judging others. Easier said than done, especially when it seems increasingly difficult to talk with someone who has a different viewpoint, much less love an enemy.  As Jesus continues his “Sermon on the Plain,” he leaves us pondering these words: “expect nothing in return.” What happens when we expect nothing in return from a conversation, a gift given, a relationship? Could it paradoxically open us to be more generous, loving, able to truly love those we think impossible to love?  Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on the freedom of loving when we expect nothing in return.
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02/17/2019 On Blessings & Woes

Luke 6:17-26
Sometimes the Jesus we meet in scripture isn’t warm and fuzzy. Sometimes the Jesus we meet in scripture is angry, frustrated, and downright judgy. Which seems pretty strange coming from the person who said, “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on both blessing and woe, and how God’s vision of how the world could be means some hard truths for a lot of us.
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02/10/2019 Deep Waters

Luke 5:1-11
When Jesus calls the disciples, he doesn’t ask them any questions. He doesn’t ask what they believe, or who they think he is, or what their thoughts are on the state of the world. He doesn’t ask how often they pray, or if they read the scriptures, or if they go to worship regularly. He simply invites them to follow him. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on fishing, following, and what God is able to do in our lives when we are willing to put out into deep waters.
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02/03/2019 What We Borrow Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt and Youth

Jeremiah 1:4-11a
Jeremiah was “only” a young boy when he was called and equipped by God to be a prophet.  Age, among many identities, is not a determining factor to be called and to serve God! Today, many challenges face our world and future, one of the most stark is Climate Change. As people of faith, our response to caring for all of creation needs to be bolder than ever. Join us this Sunday as we hear from our young people and Rev. Mollie about both the fears of the effects climate change will have on their future and the hope they are still grounded in despite an uncertain future.
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01/27/2019 Fulfilled

Luke 4:14-21
Do you have a word, a phrase, a mantra, or a scripture that inspires you? When you think about how others would describe you what comes to mind? When Jesus had the opportunity to preach his very first sermon, he chose a passage about good news for the poor, release for the captives, sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed. These concepts inspired and defined him and his ministry. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on failure, fulfillment, and finding just the right inspiration to keep us going.
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01/20/2019 Lessons on Serving Good Wine

John 2:1-11
Many of us are familiar with the biblical story of Jesus turning water into wine. And while this is an impressive feat, the question still remains why? What point was Jesus trying to prove? Was he just showing off, or was there a different reason he chose this miracle at this time? Join us on Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the Wedding at Cana and why gallons of good wine isn’t the only reason to celebrate.
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01/13/2019 In Water and Holy Spirit

Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22
We tend to think of baptism in one of two ways: something we do to infants and children to bring them into the Christian faith, or as something a person chooses for themselves because they want to commit their lives to following Jesus. But Jesus was a full-grown adult when he was baptized and didn’t seem to want to follow himself. Which begs the question, “how did we get from Jesus’ baptism to our modern understandings of the sacrament?” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on water, Spirit, ritual, and how shifting our thinking about baptism can shift our perspective on who we are and who God can be.
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01/06/2019 Return Another Way Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Matthew 2:1-12
Merry Christmas! This Sunday we will celebrate the last day of Christmastide and Epiphany. We will hear a beloved part of the Christmas story: the three Magi traveling to Bethlehem to meet Jesus Christ, God-with-us. But this is not just a sweet story of Three Kings bringing gifts to baby Jesus. After meeting the Christ child, the one who disrupts the established power, the Magi discern they are to return home another way. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches and we explore what happens when we meet and acknowledge the Christ amongst us and cannot remain the same.
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12/30/2018 A collection of Christmas stories

John 1:1-18
Merry Christmas! While many secular organizations have moved on from Christmas, churches celebrate an entire season of Christmas. The twelve days of Christmas are actually the 12 days between December 25 and January 6. So we are right in the midst of Christmas. This Sunday, Pastor Curt shares some favorite Christmas stories, readings, and poems which speak to the heart of the season. We’ll also be singing many of our favorite carols. We hope you’ll join us as we keep celebrating what the birth of the Christ child means to us in Christmas, and all year long.

12/24/2018 The Weary World Rejoices

First Lesson: Isiah 9: 2, 6-7
Second Lesson: Luke 2: 1-7
Third Lesson: Luke 2: 8-20
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12/23/2018 Bearing the Light Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Luke 1:39-55
On this fourth and final Sunday of Advent, we hear the story of Elizabeth greeting her cousin Mary with joy and love. Both women are in the midst of surprising and history-altering pregnancies. Out of this greeting of blessing, Mary goes on to sing a song we know as the Magnificant, a proclamation of the Gospel. Mary’s and Elizabeth’s stories remind us that we all bear light and love of Christ, and are called to sing our own magnificants. Join us in worship this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches and we explore what embodied love looks like in Advent and beyond.
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12/16/2018 Joy Anyway

Philippians 4:4-9
In his letter to the church in Philippi, Paul says, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” Our heart may say “yes” to Paul’s command, but our head often says, “not so easy.” Does Paul know anything about difficulty and loss? He can’t really mean always, right? Paul, in fact, knows plenty about loss and difficulty and yet he still believes in the power of rejoicing anyway. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the Advent theme of Joy, and how a weary world rejoices.
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12/09/2018 Do We Find It, or Make It

Isaiah 2:1-5
Most days the world doesn’t seem like a very peaceful place. Across the globe and in our own homes there is far too much violence. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a time when swords would be beaten into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. Weapons of war would be transformed into tools for tending and growing. Nobody is against peace, but many of us struggle with what it takes to make it and to find it. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the ways of peace and how to hold on to them is a season and world that seems anything but peaceful.
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12/02/2018 Hope Has a History

Isaiah 61:1-4, 10-11
Advent is a 4-week season of waiting and preparing for Christ’s rebirth at Christmas. It is a season rooted in the hopeful visions of the ways the world could be and should be. The prophet Isaiah had seen the worst of what the world can offer: war, devastation, division, and exile. And yet, he preached a word of hope to God’s people. Our theme for Advent this year is, “A Weary World Rejoices.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on hope, incarnation, and how we can continue to rejoice in the midst of a weary world.
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11/25/2018 Alpha and Omega Rev Mollie Landers Hatt

Revelation 1:4-8
This Sunday marks the end of the church year, as we’ll start a new year with Advent. Well before the ball drops in Times Square, it is a time to reflect on the ways God has been at work in our world, life, and self throughout the past year. Before we enter fully into Advent and preparing for the Christ child, this gives us a moment to pause, to prepare for what is yet to come, a time to marvel at the present. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on God’s time and ways that God is with us from the beginning to end, and everything in between.
Due to copyright issues, the song selection that was part of today’s sermon has not been included in the audio file.
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11/18/2018 Thanksliving

Matthew 6:25-33
Let’s face it, most of us are worriers. We tend to fret over our jobs, our homes, even what clothes to wear. Sure, we take occasional breaks from our worry. Thanksgiving is time to relax, if only for a few hours, and give thanks for the abundance God has provided. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Curt preaches on how we can turn Thanksgiving into ‘Thanksliving’ all year round.
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11/11/2018 A Piece of the Puzzle Rev Mollie Landers Hatt

Mark 12:38-44
As our stewardship theme reminds us – we all have gifts to offer!  From the old to the young, from the working full time to fully retired, no matter how much or little we have in our savings accounts, we all have gifts to offer.  Join us this Sunday in worship as Rev. Mollie preaches on our gifts, abundance and scarcity, and the call to be givers, no matter where we are on life’s journey. Bring your pledge cards for this joyful morning worship service!
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11/04/2018 Who Is My Neighbor Rev Tamara Boynton

Mark 12:28-34
This Sunday is the second sermon in a three-week series called, “What Gifts Can We Offer?” which is our theme for 2019 Stewardship. Stewardship is a churchy word for using what we’ve been given to participate in God’s work in the world. Sometimes that means money, but it also means our gifts, talents, and time as well. In this Sunday’s scripture, Jesus tells us, “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength,” and, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Join us this Sunday as we explore the question, “Who is our neighbor?”

10/28/2018 Buried Treasure

Matthew 25:14-20
This Sunday we begin a three-week sermon series called, “What Gifts Can We Offer?” which is our theme for Stewardship. Stewardship is a churchy word for using what we’ve been given to participate in God’s work in the world. Sometimes that means money, but it also means our gifts, talents, and time as well. In this Sunday’s scripture, Jesus tells the story of three stewards of gifts. Two risked everything getting great results, while one buried his gifts in the ground out of fear. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on buried treasure and how we can use what God has given us to the greatest impact.
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10/21/2018 Not Even a Gold Watch Rev Jerry Eslinger

Deuteronomy 34:1-6
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10/14/2018 Doers of the World

James 1:19-25
Many people are feeling hurt and angry right now. The confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh have again raised questions about sexual assault, rape culture, and the credibility of women speaking about their own experiences. And then we get this quote from the book of James, “let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness.” My response, “neither does acceptance or silence.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on using our voices (and anger) to produce the kind of change we need.
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Mark 10:13-16
World Communion Sunday offers us a distinctive opportunity to experience Holy Communion in the context of the global community of faith. The first Sunday of October has become a time when Christians in every culture break bread and pour the cup to remember and affirm Christ as the head of the church. On this day, we remember that we are part of the whole body of believers.

Today’s sermon consisted of multiple sensory stations that individuals could experience. As a result, there was no sermon.

09/30/2018 Praying as Jesus Taught

Matthew 6:7-13
How often do you pray the Lord’s Prayer? Daily? Weekly? Every now and again? The Lord’s Prayer is so familiar to most of us that we sometimes can pray it without really thinking about what we are saying. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on giving new voice and new meaning to a prayer we know so well.

Due to the contemplative nature of the sermon, there is no audio of today’s sermon.

09/23/2018 Coming in Second

Mark 9:30-37
We receive messages every day telling us, “more is better.” We are told we need to buy more, consume more, and have more. The push to compete and achieve is hard to resist. But Jesus saw things from a very different perspective. He teaches that the last shall be first and that serving others is our true calling. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the spiritual discipline of saying, “enough is enough.”
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09/16/2018 There’s a Psalm for That Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Psalm 19
Beloved Pastor and translator of the Bible into The Message, Eugene Peterson names the Psalms as his entry into poetry, metaphor, and prayer. From praise to lament, from despair to joy, the Psalms give us rich words to call out and cry out to God. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches and we are invited to bring our whole selves before God, especially through the lens of the Psalms.
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09/09/2018 Be Opened

Mark 7:24-37
Believe it or not, Jesus wasn’t actually perfect. He was fully human and that fully human part of him occasionally messed things up. In today’s reading, he calls a woman a dog, right to her face. Not exactly the warm and fuzzy Jesus we like to imagine in our minds. But what’s beautiful about this interaction is that Jesus is the one who is changed by it. Jesus is the one who learns from his mistake and shifts course. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the humanity of Jesus, the ways we all learn from our mistakes, and the call to remain open to the movements of the Holy Spirit so we can be transformed again and again.
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09/02/2018 Open Table

Mark 7:1-8, 14-15
Some churches seem to have a lot of rules. You have to be a member before you can serve in certain leadership roles. You have to attend a training before you can read scripture in church. You have to be confirmed or a member before you can receive communion. Back in Jesus’s day, there were a lot of rules too. But he didn’t seem to be a big fan following the rules. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on Jesus’s radical hospitality and how we seek to live into that same hospitality as well.
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08/26/2018 On Holy Ground Rev. Curt Preston and Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Exodus 3:1-12

Join us for our annual “Worship in the Park” service, held this year at Anderson Park* (4355 Field St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033). We’ll get things rolling with a pre-service sing-a-long, then an hour of worship followed by a picnic lunch. Rev. Curt and Rev. Mollie will be co-preaching on where we find holy ground and what makes it holy.
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08/19/2018 Dressed for Success

Ephesians 6:1-17
How do you decide what to wear on any given day? Is it based on what you have planned?  Who you are going to see? How you feel as you stare into your closet? What is the right outfit for doing battle with the cosmic forces of evil? Confronting racism? Standing firm in the face of injustice? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on matching your shoes to your belt as we proclaim the gospel of peace.
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08/12/2018 Taizé

Taizé-style worship comes to us from an ecumenical Christian group based in France. Songs consist of simple, repeated phrases, and instead of a sermon, there’s an emphasis on contemplation and silence. Some describe it as “a massage for the soul.” Everyone is invited to join us as we quiet our minds, still our hearts, and wait for the wind of God to blow among us.

08/05/2018 No Comparison Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Ephesians 4:1-16
This week’s reading from the letter to the church in Ephesus starts beautifully – and with a difficult charge. “Live a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.”  Just how do we live a life worthy of the calling that God has called us to?  Can we live out our callings without getting overwhelmed or bogged down by should-haves and could-haves? Join us in worship on Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on the joy of living a life rooted in God’s call to us all.
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07/29/2018 Letting It All Go

2 Samuel 6:105, 12b-19
When was the last time you felt truly free to be joyful and silly and not care about how it looked to others? Can you remember a time when you were so present in the moment you lost track of everything else? For most of us, these moments are few and far between. This Sunday is the third and final week in our series on King David. This week we find him stripped down to his skivvies, dancing in the streets before the Ark of the Covenant. Why is David so happy he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on dancing, joy, and letting it all go when we come into God’s presence.
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07/22/2018 Five Smooth Stones

1 Samuel 17:19-40, 48-49
Most of us know the story of David confronting Goliath. It’s a classic story of the underdog winning the day. In part two of our sermon series on David, we’ll explore our own Goliaths and reflect on what tools we have within our reach that can help us stand tall, face down difficult odds, and stay hopeful in the face of tumult and strife. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on how five smooth stones and God’s presence can make all the difference.
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07/15/2018 As Seen Through God’s Eyes

1 Samuel 16:6-13
Many of us know of King David as one of the great rulers of ancient Israel. But before he was king, he was just a shepherd boy. David had a lot of older brothers who would have been the obvious choice to lead God’s people. But as is so often the case, God doesn’t go with the obvious choice. More often than not, God doesn’t call the qualified. God qualifies the called. God has a way of seeing past the surface into the hearts of humans and drawing forth the gifts we don’t even know we have. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches the first of a three-part sermon series on David and how he became the leader God knew he could be.
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07/08/2018 Take a Buddy Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Mark 6:1-13
At church camp and during the Western Regional Youth Event, anytime a young person needs to go somewhere away from the group, they are asked to “take a buddy!” For safety, for caring, to learn from one another, to help one another be brave, going out into the world with a buddy seems like a great idea. Jesus sent the disciples out two by two in our Gospel reading for this Sunday. Beyond keeping one another company, what do we learn from going through this life with a buddy or buddies? How does God work differently through two or more gathered in God’s name? Join us this Sunday in worship as Rev. Mollie preaches on the joys and challenges of “taking a buddy.”
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07/01/2018 Teach Us to Pray

Luke 11:1-13
Many of us feel inadequate when it comes to our prayer life. I often hear people say, “I’m not good at prayer.” What’s that about? What does being “good” at prayer even mean? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt leads a special intergenerational service with communion, prayer stations, and a sermon on what Jesus teaches about prayer. Children will participate in the worship service rather than leaving for Children’s Faith Formation. We will have nursery care for those 3 and under.
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06/24/2018 Mr. Sessions, Please Keep Reading

Romans 13:1-10
Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned to the Bible to defend the current administration’s immigration policy. Mr. Sessions said, “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes.” If any public figure is going to quote this section of Paul’s letter to the Romans, perhaps they should keep reading, at least through verse 10. What does Romans 13:1-10 say and what does it mean when people in authority quote it? What other passages in scripture are relevant when considering how we treat immigrants and asylum seekers? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches, “Mr. Sessions, Please Keep Reading”—a sermon about the power scripture has to harm and to heal and how we can respond to a world that seems to only have bad news.
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06/17/2018 Cultivate Rev. Mollie Landers Hatt

Mark 4:26-34
At first glance, the parable of the Mustard Seed is one of the shortest, simplest parables. Jesus tells the disciples that the Realm of God is like a small seed growing into a great shrub, providing a home for the birds of the air. The small is made great in God’s love, providing shade and rest for others. What are the mustard seeds in our lives? Whether the seeds that grow when we embrace our authentic self or the seed that grows when we live in community – how do we cultivate growth in ourselves and others? In light of Pride month and the pride parade, what messages of God’s transformative power still needs to be cultivated and grown? Join us in worship this Sunday, whether in the streets of the Pride parade or the pews of our sanctuary as Rev. Mollie preaches.
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