“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come into God’s presence with singing.”
Psalm 100:1-2

Currently Worshiping In-Person AND Online!

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Here at Lakewood UCC, we believe that worship is at the very center of our life together. Whether in person or online, we are the living, breathing, Body of Christ. Our worship services offer a mixture of traditional and progressive elements. Our sermons seek to connect the wisdom of our scriptures with the real-life issues of today. We offer a variety of types of music because we know that no one style of music is sufficient for praising God. Every week we gather the prayers of the community and reflect on the ways we see God at work in the world. We hope that all who join us for worship experience the power and presence of the Spirit and a connection to the wider community.


Join us live on YouTube every Sunday at 10:15 am for music, sermon, time to pray, and community.

In Person!

Lakewood UCC also offers In-Person, masked and distanced worship in the sanctuary at 10:15 am.


Click here to let us know who’s joining us this Sunday! This is not required, but we like to see who’s here!


Please text any and all prayer requests to one of our pastors, or feel free to share them in the YouTube chat.

This Sunday In Worship
Sunday, October 24, 2021, 10:15 am

Worship in October
(In-Person and Live-Streamed Online)

We are excited to be offering in-person, in the sanctuary worship. Worship will also be live-streamed, for our congregation has grown beyond Colorado, as well as making worship more accessible to those who may not be able to join us in person. You are still welcome to join us by streaming us live on YouTube HERE. Worship service will return to our regular 10:15am start time.
Much will be the same, but a few things will be different:

  • We are requiring masking for everyone, regardless of vaccine status. This is out of an abundance of care for the community, especially for our under 12 crowd who do not have access to the vaccine yet. 
  • We ask that you make an effort to stay socially distanced before, during, and after worship
  • You’ll be greeted outside the front of the church, and invited to get your name tag, and a sticker (red, yellow, or green) that will help share you comfort level of physical contact – we’re all in different places on this for different reasons, and that’s ok!

It will be wonderful to be in worship together, and also may feel different, as we’ve all changed a lot in the last year and half. Let us be gentle with ourselves and one another. If you have any concerns, please reach out to one of our Pastors.

Mark 10:46-52
When Jesus encounters a blind beggar in Jericho, Jesus asks the man, “what do you want me to do for you?” It seems like the answer is pretty obvious: “let me see again.” How often have we prayed to God and not gotten what we asked for? What’s the difference between experiencing healing and being cured? Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on faith, healing, and what it means to move away from a transactional understanding of God and towards a more experiential understanding of God.

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