Cartas de Paz (Letters of Peace) program is an essential part of Casa’s mission to offer peace in the midst of chaos to people in detention.  Detention is an isolating experience; our letters will offer hope to people who often feel alone and forgotten. Greg Mortimer, Volunteer Coordinator of Cartas de Paz, will lead a 30-minute training session for people who want to write cartas to people in Detention, followed by 30 minutes or so of writing letters as a group. Writing supplies and lunch snacks will be provided for participants. If people would like to continue writing to someone in Detention, they will have the option to do so. Greg can get them started as well. If you would like to attend this event, please register HERE, or on the physical sign-up sheet in the Narthex on the Welcome Center.

About Casa de Paz: Casa de Paz welcomes guests who are released from the immigration detention center in Aurora, CO.  They provide them with a safe temporary space to go to so they can connect with their loved ones and make it to their final destination.