Racial Reckoning: Let’s Engage

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All of us have been impacted by the recent events related to the Black Lives Matter Movement and protesting throughout the country and world. The time for making meaningful and lasting change related to race relations in America is something many of us are finally ready to face. As Christians, we know that Jesus was a strong advocate for justice and took a stand on the side of the oppressed. So we ask, what do we do next? Many have wondered how we, as a church and as individuals, can get more education about racism and what we can do to dismantle it in ourselves and in our institutions, including the church. This will be ongoing and evolving work. This summer, through the power of a sermon, a movie and a book, we will engage in conversation about race, racism, and the work of anti-racism. As a church, as individuals, our goal is that through these offerings we will be better informed and more educated, and better able to face the systemic racism in ourselves and our institutions. For some, this may be continuing education and work we are already engaged in, for others, this may be a starting place. Please come with openness to be changed as this work is ongoing. Tuesday, July 21 we will together watch a sermon, “The Cross and The Lynching Tree” preached by Rev. Otis Moss III, followed by discussion and conversation. August 11, we will have conversation and discussion of the film Just Mercy. It is also a book, we will focus on the film version. Please watch or read Just Mercy before August 11. It is available on many streaming platforms, and if accessibility is an issue, please see one the Pastors. September 1 and 15, we will dig into a book (title is still TBD.) Conversations will be facilitated by Rev. Mollie and/or Pastor Curt. Join us as well all continue to learn and do the work of dismantling racism.