This Sunday in Worship

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Sunday, January 20, 10:15 am

John 2:1-11

Many of us are familiar with the biblical story of Jesus turning water into wine. And while this is an impressive feat, the question still remains why? What point was Jesus trying to prove? Was he just showing off, or was there a different reason he chose this miracle at this time? Join us on Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the Wedding at Cana and why gallons of good wine isn’t the only reason to celebrate.

Contemplative Practices Course

January 29 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

An event every week that begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday, repeating until February 12, 2019


Pastor Curt and Sheila Wiese will be co-leading a three week class on contemplative practices. Contemplative practices are prayer and meditation methods focused on resting in God’s presence and prayerful listening for God’s word to us. This offering will take place on Tuesdays, January 29, February 5, and 12, from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Please sign up on the Welcome Center and talk to Pastor Curt if you have any questions.

Womxn’s March

January 19 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


No matter who you are or how you identify, we all have a reason to march.

I urge all of us to reflect on why we are going, and how we are called to join and support each other in this effort to “do better”.  All of us can help – we can share the word to everyone we know that they are welcome to join Lakewood UCC in marching, we can meet the morning of 1/19/19 to join in prayer for guidance and support, we can offer help to the march organizers, we can help by providing a juice or coffee to get us going, and we can march!

We will meet at the church on Saturday 1/19 at 9:00-9:15. The March begins at 10:30 at Civic Center Park and we will meet at the big red chair at the Denver Library. We need assistance with carpools, coffee, and banners/balloons. If you can help, please contact Sue Johns or Matt Teeuwen.


The theme of the event is Listen. Unite. Act.  For more information (including why its title is Womxn’s March), please visit

This Sunday in Worship

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Sunday, January 13, 10:15 am

Luke 3: 15-17, 21-22
We tend to think of baptism in one of two ways: something we do to infants and children to bring them into the Christian faith, or as something a person chooses for themselves because they want to commit their lives to following Jesus. But Jesus was a full-grown adult when he was baptized and didn’t seem to want to follow himself. Which begs the question, “how did we get from Jesus’ baptism to our modern understandings of the sacrament?” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on water, Spirit, ritual, and how shifting our thinking about baptism can shift our perspective on who we are and who God can be.

Faith Formation Spring Training

January 6 @ 11:45 am - 12:30 pm


All Faith Formation Companions (leaders) and those who are interested in becoming a Sunday Morning Faith Formation Companion are asked to attend a brief thirty-minute training on Sunday, January 6.  We will be going over the winter and spring curriculum of Biblical and modern-day Prophets, truth tellers, proclaimers, those that call out and announce, reminding people of God’s love.

Resolution Sunday

January 13 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


What is your New Year’s resolution?   Are you determined to have a more healthy diet?  Go gluten free?  Eat more veggies?  Or, have you decided to begin a slow and easy exercise or meditation program?  Maybe you want to commit to listening to less news and replace that time with a good book?   Do you want to become more prayerful or are determined to figure out ways to express your gratitude? Maybe you’re like many of us: you begin the year with gusto and two weeks later, you are off track!  So… Fellowship announces our first all-church event.

We invite you to bring a snack that supports your New Year’s Resolution.  It might be fresh veggies, a Keto or gluten free snack, camomile tea or indulgent fudge!!!  Have fun with this.  We’ll “restart our resolutions!”  Good luck!

This Sunday in Worship

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Sunday, December 23, 10:15 am

Luke 1:39-55
On this fourth and final Sunday of Advent, we hear the story of Elizabeth greeting her cousin Mary with joy and love. Both women are in the midst of surprising and history-altering pregnancies. Out of this greeting of blessing, Mary goes on to sing a song we know as the Magnificant, a proclamation of the Gospel. Mary’s and Elizabeth’s stories remind us that we all bear light and love of Christ, and are called to sing our own magnificants. Join us in worship this Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches and we explore what embodied love looks like in Advent and beyond.

Lakewood UCC Book Group Reading Schedule

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The Lakewood UCC Book Group is now meeting on the first Sunday of the month after the Church Service. Below is the list of the books we will be reading and on what dates.

  • February 3: Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America, by James Foreman
  • March 17 (rescheduled): Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, by Helen Simonson
  • April 7: What it Means When a Man Falls from the Sky, by Nineka Arimah
  • May 5: The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown
  • June 2: Plan books for the coming year!

This Sunday in Worship

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Sunday, December 16, 10:15 am

Philippians 4:4-9
In his letter to the church in Philippi, Paul says, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” Our heart may say “yes” to Paul’s command, but our head often says, “not so easy.” Does Paul know anything about difficulty and loss? He can’t really mean always, right? Paul, in fact, knows plenty about loss and difficulty and yet he still believes in the power of rejoicing anyway. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Curt preaches on the Advent theme of Joy, and how a weary world rejoices.

Blue Christmas Service

December 18, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


In the midst of the season of hustle and bustle and as we move toward the longest night of the year, you are invited to a Blue Christmas Service. This simple service creates a sacred space for those who need it in the midst of dark times, grief, uncertainty, loneliness this season. This reflective, accepting service will remind us of God’s presence and hope in the midst of difficulty.

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