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Welcome to Lakewood United Church of Christ. We are a vibrant, inclusive, progressive Christian church. If you’re a person of deep faith or shallow faith; old faith, new faith, or renewed faith; questioning faith or no faith at all; we hope you’ll come by and join us on the journey.

This Sunday in Worship

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Sunday, May 27, 10:15 am

The story of Nicodemus and Jesus’ interactions gives us much to ponder as Jesus challenges Nicodemus to move beyond his intellect to embodying his faith. Do we have to abandon our knowledge and intellect to live as Spirit-filled people?  Or is it an invitation to be challenged and stretched, living into what we cannot explain or define away? Is it an either/or, or a both/and? Join us in worship on Sunday as Rev. Mollie preaches on one of the most commonly used, and perhaps most misunderstood verses of the Bible.

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