Social Events 2

One of the most important things we do as a church is create a community where people of all types—all ages and stages, all personality types, all backgrounds and ethnicities, all life experiences—can come together. And once we’re together, what do we do? A lot of stuff, not the least of which is . . . have fun! See below for some of our recurring social events, then check out the latest opportunities in the sidebar to the right.

 Social 01 What is “fellowship”? It’s the churchy term for “hanging out.” And what is “fellowship hour”? It’s what we call the hour after our Sunday worship service when we sit around, drink coffee, munch on snacks, and get to know each other better. If you visit us on a Sunday morning, make sure you stick around for fellowship hour.
 Social 02 Family Fun Night: It’s not just for families, and it’s not necessarily at night. But it’s always fun. We do this at least once a year. Kids come. Youth come. Adults come. And then we have raffles, door prizes, finger foods, Jenga, Chinese Checkers, fiercely contested games of cards, and much more besides.
 Social 03 Out-to-Lunch Bunch is sort of like the deluxe version of fellowship hour. Once a month, we reserve a bunch of tables at a nearby restaurant. Anybody who’s interested troops over there after the worship service for good food and good conversation. It’s low-key, laid-back, and no commitment is required—the perfect way to get to know new folks or catch up with old ones.