Women's Ministries 2

At Lakewood UCC, most of our activities are for everybody. But we think there’s something valuable about dividing into sub-groups around particular affinities or identities too. We get a different kind of conversation and a different kind of sharing. Our Women’s Ministries are a great example. See below for some of our recurring offerings for women, then check out the latest opportunities in the sidebar to the right.

Women 01 What’s a Sacred Circle? It’s a group of women who meet regularly to share their lives and explore their relationship with God. It’s a chance to make connections and dig a little deeper. We have a bunch of Sacred Circles, and each one decides on its own schedule and format. If you’d like to join one, just let us know!
Women 02 A longstanding and much-loved tradition at Lakewood UCC, the Ladies’ Holiday Luncheon bills itself as “more fun than anyone should be allowed to have at church.” Women of all ages gather in our Fellowship Hall to eat, chat, and participate in an epic white elephant gift exchange.
Women 03 What happens at Women’s Retreat stays at Women’s Retreat! All we can tell you is that once a year the women of the congregation drive down to La Foret Conference and Retreat Center for a weekend of relaxation, renewal, and at least one game that involves swinging a ball wrapped in pantyhose at a bunch of water bottles.