Men's Ministries 2

At Lakewood UCC, most of our activities are for everybody. But we think there’s something valuable about dividing into sub-groups around particular affinities or identities too. We get a different kind of conversation and a different kind of sharing. Our Men’s Ministries are a great example. See below for some of our recurring offerings for men, then check out the latest opportunities in the sidebar to the right.

Men 01 Mac and cheese. Rhythm and blues. Men and breakfast. Some things just go together. Once a month, the men of the congregation meet at a local restaurant for some sittin’ and chattin’ and eatin’. If you like good conversation to go with a good meal, join them!
Men 02 Every Spring, a bunch of our men drive down to La Foret Conference and Retreat Center for a weekend of building relationships, playing games, and talking about life, God, and everything else. It’s a great combination of social time and the chance to renew your spirit as you wander in solitude beneath the shady pines.