Does New Year 2021 Safer-at-Home have you looking for some fun without leaving your house? Zoom Fellowship is starting off the year with a Special Zoom Fellowship after Worship on January 10, 2021, at 11:15am. We will play “It’s a New Year” Bingo…squares on the cards have events we can all relate to. When the event is called, mark your card. With 5 different cards to choose from, not everyone will win at the same time. The first person to get a straight line of events first will be “THE FIRST WINNER OF THE 2021 BINGO CHALLENGE” and earn bragging rights for all of 2021! Click here to find printable bingo cards. All you need are the printed cards, something to mark the spaces as they are called (buttons, dried beans, coins, etc.), and a willingness to try something wacky. A reminder and link to the cards will also appear in the Wednesday announcements the week before. See you on ZOOM!