This past year has been challenging for everyone and taking some time to share some smiles and laughter lightens all of our loads. Join us after worship on February 14th for Zoom Fellowship! Bring a chocolate treat, something to drink and let’s “toast” the love of our lives – family, friends, church, nature, sunshine, gardening, a good meal – and the ways we’ve made space for love in our unique circumstances. We have two opportunities for you to Share the Love with your church family BEFORE February 14th! FIRST, BEFORE FEBRUARY 10TH – Upload a brief video clip with a ‘Happy Valentines’ Day’ message for the wonderful church staff or the congregation using this Dropbox link: Click HERE. OR, SEND A VALENTINE to our wonderful church staff via regular mail: Share the Love Sunday c/o Lakewood UCC 100 Carr St Lakewood, CO 80226 SECOND, ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH – Join us for Zoom Fellowship after Worship on February 14th to talk about Love – family, friends, pets, nature, Faith – all the things that connect us. Don’t forget that snack and click on the Fellowship link to join! Let’s share the love!