Sunday Morning Faith Formation time for our elementary and pre-K kids is returning once a month via Zoom, on Sunday mornings! We will be engaging in the Illustrated Ministry’s Beatitudes Curriculum, all about Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount (Blessed are the…).  We’ll have two lessons each month, one will be through Zoom on Sunday morning, with two Faith Formation Companions leading. The other will be in materials sent home (included in this packet) to you all each month.  The Sunday morning Zoom will happen simultaneously with our Sunday morning worship service. In theory, this means you all as parents and caregivers will be able to get the kids set up on their Faith Formation Zoom, and have separate worship time by yourself. Our next Sunday morning Faith Formation Zoom will be April 18. A separate link will be emailed to you, please be in touch if you do not get it.  The Zoom lesson in April will be “Blessed are the Meek”, and curriculum pages will be sent to your home. The other, family based lesson is “Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst”, and will be sent to homes as well. Engage whenever you can or want, however you can or want! Please see Janet Cass or Rev. Mollie with questions.