In mid-March, due to COVID-19, we suddenly stopped worshiping in our sanctuary and started worshiping in the virtual space. The worship leadership team of Allyson, Mollie, Curt, and Alan did an amazing job of both settling into the rhythm of virtual worship while also pushing forward new ideas. And throughout all these months Rob Cass has ably managed all the tech support required for hosting/operating Zoom virtual worship. As the quality of worship deepens, so also does the number of tech support skills and tasks to be completed.
As chair of the Board of Congregational Care I’m establishing, at Rob’s request, a Tech Support Team for Sunday worship. The idea is that with a team, the work of supporting worship will be spread out amongst many hands and hearts. Some folks may have the deep tech experience Rob has and others will have discreet skills like editing, helping with video recordings, uploading prerecorded videos, or setting up slides for worship. Rob will coordinate the work of the team and he is envisioning most of the tasks to be ad hoc. No need for a regular meeting. He has already drafted an “operating manual” for the Tech Support Team.
If you have an interest in supporting virtual worship, no matter how extensive or particular your skills are, please contact me at or Rob at  Once we return to face to face worship in the sanctuary the Tech Support Team will continue to offer some form of virtual worship post-COVID-19 as a form of radical hospitality for anyone who can’t attend an in-person service. If you can operate a computer mouse you can be part of this team. All skills.  All abilities are welcome.