Cards of Connection

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How can we connect in an intergenerational way in this time? By sending cards! In the spirit of intergenerational connection, we invite each child to write or draw a card for an older person in the church. 

  • Contact Mollie if interested, she’ll pair you up with a person in our congregation who may enjoy getting a letter or card to brighten their day. You’ll be given their address. 
  • Have you child or teen write a letter or card. What to write? Your child can:
    • Depending on age – draw a picture!
    • Ask questions of the adult they are writing to. “What was the world like when they were my age?” “What can you tell me about you?” – maybe this will turn into a pen pal!
    • Tell them about themselves, what they like, what they don’t like. Write about a typical day, family, animals, what they like about school, what questions they have about the world right now.
  • Expectations – perhaps this will turn into a pen pal, but, let’s start with just sending a note to connect and brighten someone’s day
  • Please include your return address on the envelope.