How to be a Good Neighbor in the Time of COVID-19

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Responding to COVID-19: How to be a Good Neighbor

We are connected in many ways, and know our very lives depend on one another. As we face the realities of the pandemic – loss of normalcy, loneliness, job loss and financial loss, illness, we turn to our faith and the way of Jesus again and again. We are not alone in this, and we are called to be good neighbors, sharing God’s love. While taking into consideration that Staying Home and Staying Safe is of utmost importance, the Mission, Outreach, and Evangelism Board offers these resources and links to connect as a good neighbor in this time.

Staying Home, Staying Safe

  • Send a card to your neighbor, a relative, a friend, or someone in the congregation. If you need the name of someone in the congregation who could use a card, please email Rev. Mollie (
  • Call your local, state, federal representative – Thank them for their service, and ask them to advocate for the most vulnerable populations in this time – those experiencing homelessness, those who have been laid off, children, older populations. 

For those young and healthy who can go out while practicing good social distancing

Employment Concerns:

Quarantine may be good for reducing COVID19 spread, but it is not good for the economy. If you or someone you know needs work in the coming days, weeks, months, please go to the state employment resource directory, Businesses needing additional employees to provide critical services to our state are posting jobs there. 

We are in this together! Please be in touch with Pastor Curt or Rev. Mollie if you have a Pastoral Care need